Nokia C3, C6 and E5 Launch!


Today Nokia is pleased to announce the release of the Nokia C3, C6 and E5 devices. All of these devices come loaded with email, instant messaging and social networking capability out-of-the-box, and each boasts some very cool features. The Nokia C3 is the first Series 40 device to sport a full QWERTY keyboard and it brings all that you know and love about Nokia Messaging for Email and IM to Series 40 phones. The Nokia E5 has a ridiculously long battery life and the Nokia C6 brings together the best of touchscreen and keyboard in one device. All three feature WiFi as well. We’ve been playing with them for a little while now and think you will really enjoy them when they hit the market.

Now, we did notice some of the prelaunch speculation was around what was specifically happening with the Messaging services on Nokia devices. We’re flattered to have rumors floating around about us! So why does this launch matter if you are already using Nokia to access your email, IM and social networks today? A few things, we’re really excited because all these devices have Set-Up feature for Email, Chat and Communities right on the homescreen making it a one-click step to get all your favorite portals and communities on your device. Our capability to support an every increasing list of devices lets us reach even more users (especially through the Series 40 C3) bringing messaging for everyone closer to reality.

Messaging on Nokia devices is a Service, and isn’t tied down by hardware releases. If you’ve been following us over the past two years, you know we’ve continually evolved from a service that was available on only a few devices, was Symbian-only and didn’t come preloaded on any Nokia phones, to being available on over 50+ devices for email, covers Symbian, Series 40 and Maemo and comes ready to go right out-of-the-box.

If you’re already using Messaging today and you’re not looking for a new device, then we hope what you’ve seen from the Nokia C3, C6, and E5 will make you want to pick up one for a friend or family member. For all our existing users and fans – we’ve got plenty of fun stuff coming down the pipe in the next few months. These new devices let us get our Service out there for a lot more users, but don’t worry, we don’t forget about the ones we already have.

-The Nokia Messaging Team

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