New Smart Accessories make their debut at IFA 2012

Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5
Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5

Hi everyone!

Ant’s been keeping you posted on all the Xperia news here from Berlin at IFA 2012, but it’s not just Xperia smartphones and our new Xperia tablet S that have been turning heads on the Sony stand.

Booth-goers have also been treated to a look at some cool new additions to our Smart Accessories range, and we thought we would keep you guys in the loop with a quick update on what they’ve been getting to grips with…

New additions to the SmartTag family

Our NFC SmartTag family is expecting a few new additions! The original tags prescribed tasks and actions to your smartphone based around “Where Am I?”, the new SmartTags will have a new theme “What am I doing?”.

With new colours and a theme inspired by Play (green), Watch (purple), Listen (orange) and Active (grey), the SmartTags also offer new functionality.

Stay tuned for a feature post on how to make the most of the new SmartTags in the group.

Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5 with NFC pairing and connecting

This little portable speaker features intuitive one-touch NFC pairing and connecting, allowing you to simply touch the NFC area on the speaker with your smartphone and it will start playing your favourite tracks, or even share a call with others in the room.

Wireless Speaker is small, portable and beautifully round (almost like an apple!), and because it’s so tiny you can take it with you wherever you go!

TV Dock comes to Xperia T and Xperia TX

Get that big screen experience from your Xperia T and Xperia TX with the new TV dock, which charges your phone while allowing you to flick through film clips, online TV, music and pictures on your big screen.

Discover Smart Connect

Smart Connect is an Android 4.0 app in your smartphone that lets you decide what happens when you connect your smartphone to another device. You can choose between single and multiple actions. If it is not pre-installed on your Xperia™ smartphone, you will find it at Google Play. Smart Connect is a renamed and significantly upgraded version of an Android connectivity app previously called LiveWare™ manager.

Smart connect reacts to any device connected to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth™, NFC, micro USB or the audio input. For some accessories, there are pre-configured actions. Make Smart accessories smarter. Discover Smart Connect.

Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5
TV Dock
xperia smarttags
xperia t tv-dock
xperia t tv-dock
xperia t tv-dock
Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5 Black

We’ll have more news and updates from the Sony booth throughout the IFA 2012 show, so stay tuned!

Let us know what you’d like to see more of in the comments below…

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