Ericsson Application Award winners


Yesterday, the winners of the Ericsson Application Awards were crowned. And the winners were the Italian team JustBit in the student category, and the UK based team HipSnip in the company category. Team JustBit’s winning Android™ application use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and wireless connectivity to keep track of what groceries you have at home. This way the team tried to address not only an everyday problem that most people can relate to, but also a bigger issue with domestic food waste.

Company category winners team HipSnip presented a well structured and thought through idea and application regarding personal shopping. Check out the Ericsson and the Ericsson Application Awards website to learn more about the winning teams and the competition.

From Sony Ericsson, Karl-Johan Dahlström, Head of Developer Relations, and Joakim Nelson, Head of Industry Collaboration & Asset Management, participated as a presenters and Karl-Johan was also part of the jury. Sony Ericsson is very pleased to have been part of this competition, and we’re looking forward to support next year’s competition also!

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