Celebrating greatness with a new three-part video series

Yesterday, we launched our new ‘Demand Great’ campaign that is now rolling out globally, and today we’re excited to share a bit more about a new three-part video series that will show you some of the great things Xperia Z3 can do. The ‘Demand Great’ series tells the story of three individuals who refuse to just settle for ‘good’, but are striving for greatness using Xperia Z3. Each episode will show how they utilise the Xperia Z3’s extraordinary innovations to create a great and memorable moment.

The first episode, ‘PLAYBACK’, which was released today tells the story of Matthew Sohn, an Audio Preservation Engineer and lover of all things music. A key part of Matthew’s engineering job is to preserve historical recordings and he spends much of his time rifling through old vinyls and cassette tapes. Whilst searching through his own father’s collection, he came across the rare gem of an early recording by musician Grover Pruitt. He took the time to remaster the recording and personally reunited Grover with the best possible recreation of his early work.

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Bringing together Xperia Z3’s superior audio technology and Matthew’s expertise, means that Grover can relive the priceless memory of his work with the best possible sound. Using High-Res Audio technology, which reduces distortion and noise to reproduce high frequency sound in amazing detail, Matthew brings the track to Grover and presents the sound of his early music as he’s never heard it before.

“I work in solitude a lot of the time,” says Matthew. “So being able to take that music and bring it back to the person that made it – that’s a pretty special thing.”

Going above and beyond to deliver the music to Grover, Matthew’s story illustrates the passion, drive and attention to detail of those who demand great for themselves and, of course, their phone.

You can follow the Demand Great series at Plus, we’ll be sharing new videos each week in the first half of October.

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