Are you a Mac user?


…then you might have already noticed that during the autumn we have released a new Mac OS application: ‘Sony Ericsson Bridge for Mac’ for our Xperia™ smartphones.

This great application lets you seamlessly connect your Xperia™ phone to your Mac computer. With a few clicks, you can fill your Xperia™ smartphone with new media – Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Playlists – by syncing with iTunes™.

Bridge for Mac is also designed to help you free up the memory of your Xperia™, by moving your photos and videos to iPhoto™, so that you can capture even more precious moments!

If you are not an iTunes™/iPhoto™ user, you can sync your Xperia™ content with folders on your disk or just simply drag and drop any type of files between your Xperia™ phone and your Mac.

Cool eh? There is more! We have some more exciting news to share with you, especially for those who in the past have raised the question “I’m a Mac user, how can I update my Xperia phone using my Mac?”.

We’re happy to announce that the Bridge for Mac will introduce SW update functionality in the coming release 2.0. Those of you who have previously used our Windows software, PC Companion, will recognize the SW update experience in Bridge for Mac: connect, get notified, accept and update!

 Great news!  Now what do I have to do, to put my hands on this Bridge for Mac?

You can already today download Bridge for Mac 1.2 from the download section of our support web,, there you will find all the details you might need to know about the application. Once the Bridge for Mac is downloaded and installed it will keep you automatically notified of future releases.

One more thing, don’t hesitate to discuss and share your queries related to Bridge for Mac or any other of our computer applications with the great community on Support Forum, check out the Software Download section.


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