Xperia in Business – work smarter with Sony’s smartphones and tablets

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know that our mobile products are world-class; providing excellent waterproof and dust-resistant design features as well as incorporating the best of Sony technology in the cameras and displays. To add to that, we have ensured that you can easily protect and store information, as well as quickly configure devices and access networks. Want to find out more about using an Xperia smartphone or tablet at work?

Meet Sony’s programme for enterprise – Xperia in Business.

Xperia in Business provides multiple layers of security that allow you to confidently manage and share business information, as well as offering  50gb of data storage for life (through Box)! For businesses there is support for leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, ensuring remote-wipe or find-and-lock functionality, as well as the ability to enforce security policies.

Using a third-party MDM solution, businesses can easily deploy and manage Xperia smartphones and tablets – enforcing the configuration of email and VPNs, as well as the encryption of sensitive information1. They can also completely mobilise a workforce with the advanced Xperia Email, Calendar and Contacts apps, and access to further business apps from the Android community.

Watch our interview below with Wayne McBean, Director of Global Enterprise and New Channel Development, to find out more. Filmed at the Enterprise Apps World event in London last week it tells you need everything you need to know, including a few top business security tips for mobile.

Keep an eye out for more exciting news and updates around our Xperia in Business programme over the coming weeks.

1 Encryption levels can vary depending on the device


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