What is Nokia Messaging?

Hi everyone, recently, there have been some questions around what “Nokia Messaging” actually is.  Some of you may have discovered the service on your Nokia phone, and others may have come across the term “Nokia Messaging” on various websites. So here is an outline of what Nokia Messaging is and what it does:

Nokia Messaging is:

1)     A push email and IM service from Nokia that allows you to access your existing internet accounts

2)     A service access through a application typically found in the Messaging folder on your device

3)     One of the many services you get from Ovi on your Nokia phone

4)     Like all data services, it requires a data plan from your carrier to access

Why does Nokia Messaging exist?

From talk to text to email and then to instant messaging (IM) and social networking, people across the world are connecting in new and innovative ways.  On PCs, email was one of the killer applications that drove early Internet use. It became so essential to our lives that most of us wanted constant access to it. And for the next generation of Internet users, staying connected with IM and social networking was even more vital than with email.

However, despite various studies that showed that up to 80% of consumers wanted to connect to their favorite email, IM and social networking accounts on the move, less than 10% had even attempted to set up email on their phones!

And we know why…

We’ve been listening to the problems you’ve been having and, as a result, have worked hard (and are still working) to address these common hurdles by making mobile email, instant messaging, and social networking:

  • Easier to set up
    To connect to your favorite email, IM or social networking accounts simply enter your user name and password and begin connecting. Access up to ten email accounts, all your favorite portal IM communities and the most popular social networks.
  • Easier to use
    Your email, IM and social networking applications are optimized for mobile use, with one-click shortcuts for the most popular functions, an interface that closely resembles the experience on a PC and makes sending emails, instant messages and connecting with your social networks easy.
  • Affordable
    Get more out of your data plan: Get premium messaging service without the cost of a premium phone. Checking email with your Nokia is cheaper since our service consumes 4x less data than other messaging services.

Please keep us up to date with any further feedback as hopefully you can see that we are listening and are working towards making Nokia Messaging the best it can be.

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