Toyota and choose HERE

When people talk about digital maps, naturally the option of navigation immediately springs to mind. For example, when commuting to work or driving in unfamiliar places using voice guided turn-by-turn navigation comes in handy. Additionally, traffic info plays a key role in getting us to our destination, safely and quickly.

We have been helping to paint this picture for the last decades as a pioneer of digital mapping and in-car navigation. We continually strive to provide fresh content and services to meet the needs of our automotive customers. Currently, four out of five cars with in-dash navigation are powered by HERE.  This means that automobile manufacturers can deliver innovative solutions and we can help fulfill the requirements of the automotive industry. 


The latest automotive brand to select HERE to power their next generation Touch&Go navigation and infotainment systems is Toyota, who are in good company with the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Hyundai. Toyota has signed up to use our search with high-quality industry mapping information and community-generated content, including millions of ratings, reviews and images fed directly into their cars from early 2014 in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

With HERE, Nokia is the leading mapping company providing end-to-end mapping, navigation and location solutions for the automotive industry. But with maps, and specifically with our location platform, our partners can build services that go beyond navigation. That’s the beauty of our business; we can support different kinds of services.

Nokia Lumia 620

Our newest Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

The family is growing.

We lead the way with our maps, which are used over 100 million times a day in a wide variety of devices, services and apps around the world. In fact,, Europe’s largest German language weather portal with 13 million unique visitors, is using our API for integration into its expanding European web and mobile weather mapping services.

The first application to benefit is the online Niederschlagsradar (precipitation radar) service in which the map data is overlaid with information from radar stations and satellite imagery. You can track rain and snow cloud movement and see whether light showers, heavy rain, sleet hail or snow are heading your way. By zooming in and out, the current ‘precipitation’ situation can be viewed over an area as small as a street up to a town, a country or even an international region. The information is updated every 15 minutes and is available in Austria, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.


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