These smartphone shots are ‘out of this world’

Andrew Scriven is a photographer and winner of the Sony World Photography Awards, he’s also an environmentalist, a teacher and an all round good guy. So, when he told us he was off to the arctic to photograph polar bears with, in his words, “just a tent, a camera and a lot of hope,” we thought we’d add an Xperia Z2 to that and see what happened. The results speak for themselves…

“I was in the arctic circle at midnight, shooting at sea under the low lying sun. I placed the Xperia lens up against a Carl Zeiss telescope and played with the light coming through the lens. I started filming in 4k and took a number of stills at the same time. I was mesmerised by the flowing shapes and colours created through the lens, these shots are the result of that.”

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“I have to travel and carry a lot of gear around so having something so multifunctional like the Xperia is great. For me it stands in for a combination of my old compact camera and laptop. It gives me mobile editing facilities, extra storage and keeps me connected so I’m faster and more efficient. It’s also a great companion for my A7R as I can link the two together and use the phone to trigger the DSLR, store, edit and upload all in one place.”

His favourite of the Xperia telescope shots?


“My favourite shot has the land and sea in the left side of the frame. The earth, the universe, you and I…it is all connected.”

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