The N900, One Giant Step For Man Kind. …

The N900, One Giant Step For Man Kind.

Who would have thought 2009 would bring the first revolution in mobile communication devices. Come to think of it, MOCOM 2020 wasn’t far at all. I recently purchased the Nokia N900 as a Mobile Computer, and not as a primary mobile phone. Only because I knew the device was not designed to be a phone. I carry the marvelous N97 2.0 as a primary mobile phone.

The N900 is a great mobile computing device in many ways. First let me start that it is a linux based Maemo device. Open Source will open up boundaries never thought in Mobile devices. Nokia is leaping forward into that world with its PUSH project. If your use to Nokia UI or Symbian, the Maemo will take a bit getting use to. Just keep in mind that it’s a computer and not a Mobile phone and the UI will be as snappy as any other device you have handled. The N900’s ability to multi task, and when I mean multi task I mean 35 (tested by me) as the same time. Lag? Huh … what’s that. People tried to compare the (iPhone) to our N900. That’s where the misconception ends. The iphone is a phone just like its name, whereas the N900 is a mobile computer. If you know Nokia you would know that the RX series are mobile computers. The Nokia Booklet 3G is an RX-75, it’s Netbook Computer with 3G capabilities, So does the N900 only difference is that the N900 today can make calls thanks to the SIM card in it for 3G internet connectivity.
If you’re a person always on the go, need a powerful device that can do anything. When I mean anything , I really mean anything. I firmly advice your purchase to be a Nokia N900. Emailing with Nokia Messaging, The full brower, makes your life easier and effective. You never need to sit on a PC for simple tasks like seeing a flash site or checking out a website your office sent you.
Nothing is without fault, there are several ‘minor’ adjustments that Nokia is working on. Mail for Exchange doesn’t really work with server 2003. It’s a software compatibility issue, so no worries it will be solved. Other than that, I never had to force shutdown the device by removing the battery. The best feature of this device is that is so smooth that even it’s email alert tones are magnificently chosen. I tend to long for emails just to hear my N900 alert me.

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