Sony Ericsson supporting FreeXperia – CyanogenMod for 2011 devices

On 28. September, Sony Ericsson Developer Blog declared that they now support FreeXperia group.

Sony Ericsson seems to accept independent developers more every day, they started unlocking bootloaders, showed how to make your own Linux kernel, and now, they’re supporting FreeXperia devs. Not that they support whole spectrum of modding activities (like rooting) but they recognize independent ROM developing (and such) as indispensable part of Android.

This are pretty good news, meaning that CyanogenMod 7 is now available on :

Mini pro

Active and Pro will be supported soon after they get out.

The only lack is that currently now, FM radio isn’t working, but that shouldn’t be a big hassle to fix, nor that much of a major feature.

What is CyanogenMod?

Well, in case you’ve been living on Mars, or never had a Android smartphone, CM is:

Aftermarket ROM that offers many features over default manufacturer ROM’s like  Open VPN and DSP equalizer. And theming. With one APK you can repaint your whole system, where before, you could only change background and maybe some colours. And they claim that their ROM is better on performance and reliability sides than default manufacturer ROM’s.

By: Theonewithideas

Source: Both Sony Ericsson Developer Blog and CyanogenMod Blog

From Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog: http://blog.se-nse.n…r-2011-devices/

Źródło: Sony Ericsson supporting FreeXperia – CyanogenMod for 2011 devices

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