Setting up your new Xperia

With Christmas Day well and truly over, it’s time to kick back, enjoy what’s left of the festive period and get stuck in to your presents. For those of you that were lucky enough to get your hands on a new Xperia smartphone or tablet, we thought we’d offer a helping hand on how to set it up.

Xperia Transfer

To get things started, first download Xperia Transfer. It’s our tool for transferring all your important information whether it’s photos, contacts, apps, videos or messages, from your old phone or tablet to your new shiny Xperia.

It’s incredibly simple – whether you’re switching from an iOS, Windows or another Android device.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just follow the step-by-step instructions on how to pair your old device with your new Xperia phone or tablet. You can use either PIN Code & NFC (for Android devices), or you can connect via a USB transfer cable (for iOS), choose what content you want to transfer and let the app do the rest. It really is that straightforward.

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  • Xperia™ Transfer - switch seamlessly to your new Xperia smartphone
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Music Unlimited 

Once you’ve completed the transfer and you’ve got your familiar faces stored on to your new device, what’s next? Music, of course. The app’s already there. You just need to sign up to Sony’s Music Unlimited service for access to over 30 million songs streamed straight to your new Xperia device.

This colossal library of entertainment can be played wherever and whenever you want – meaning that whether you’re running around the park, commuting to work or simply sitting at home, you’ve got full access – and with the first 30 days free for you to try you’ve got no excuse to not get streaming.


After the essentials are set up, it’s time to start looking at apps. Lifelog is the perfect application to start you off on your Xperia smartphone and also a handy choice for those wanting to stick to any New Year’s resolutions and lifestyle goals.

Our innovative app enables you to keeptrack of everything you do throughout your life whether it’s physical, social or entertainment activities – you can log it all!

Trackable features include – calories, steps, walking, running, cycling, transportation, sleeping, communication, photos taken, video, games, reading and browsing.

To get things going, just download Lifelog from the Google Play Store and start lifelogging. Who knows what you might learn about yourself?

Pairing your devices 

Whilst you’re synchronising your life with your mobile you might as well start syncing your SmartWear devices as well. If you were lucky enough to bag a SmartWatch 3 this Christmas, then this one’s for you.

Getting your SmartWear devices up and running couldn’t be easier. Ensure your SmartWatch or SmartBand is fully charged and ready to go then all you have to do is check the NFC is turned on and hold the SmartWear device in your Xperia’s area of detection it will then enter pairing mode.

In fact, this is how you can pair your device with a host of other wireless accessories…

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  • Getting started with SmartBand and LifeLog app from Sony
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We’ve got a whole range of cool and convenient smart devices designed specifically for your new Xperia smartphone or tablet, whether that’s wireless chargers, Bluetooth headsets or wireless speakers. Head over to the Christmas gift guide we posted a few weeks back to check some of our favourites out.

So, good luck with your new Xperia, and if you ever face any issues, just drop our Support Team a line.

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