Nokia X6, worth listening to … YES!!

It’s been 2 weeks running around and doing everything the Nokia X6 (Special thanks to IPN & Nokia). Calling, Socializing, chatting, mailing … got the device on max output.

The Nokia X6 is a change from the usual Nokia resistive touch devices; Nokia finally gave in and put a capacitive touch screen. Was it a good idea? Maybe.  I say that because, the UI is still based on the stylus platform and some of the options and the way to go through the phone don’t comply with the edge of your thick finger. Needless to say, a firmware update can fix the issues of UI touch and make it compatible with the device. Having the N97 from it’s birth, I can spot the fixes made on the N97 UI but not transferred to the X6 Series.

The only issue I faced with this device is during phone calling. I was really shocked when my phone kept going to speaker mode when I was talking. Then after a few seconds it clicks to me that there was no proximity sensor on the front of the device. What happened guys? This is capacitive; it’s even more sensitive than resistive. A proximity sensor is priority number one. Please note that it doesn’t happen all the time, but it does.

The on screen keyboard is right in size, did not have any issue typing in text messages and looooooog emails as I usual send. It actually felt well designed, types like a normal qwerty.

The best feature Nokia has made available for this mobile device is “Comes With Music”, now I’ve heard of some people having issues setting up their Music Store on their computers. I had no issue what so ever, click click I was in. Activation of the account was easy and downloading your favorite tunes was seriously a click away. Nokia has truly touched an area where most of my research group I asked about ‘comes with music’ all had the same answer, now that’s your money’s worth.

“Comes With Music” or CWM, has made the X6 to me a phone worth buying and enjoying. It fits all tastes and you can conduct most of your business as usual with its mobile computing abilities. So far I have downloaded all my favorite oldies, which I enjoy while working. The battery life is acceptable, where I would have to stick it in the charger before I sleep.  Now I’m not the best battery consumer out there, I’ve got my work email, personal email(s) on push. 3G available all the time, Socializing – Facebook and Twitter and the list goes on. If you’re a music lover and truly relies on their music because they have an open plan office the X6 16GB or 32GB is a great choice.

Daily handling, the size of the X6 fits in most pockets and it is light in weight. Ive had no issues with keeping it in my pocket and using my BH-904 Bluetooth headset. It’s worth listening to …

Nokia X6 Hardware and UI Update article next week ….

Please watch the Nokia X6 Unboxing Video on my Youtube channel:

Nokia X6 Unboxing Video

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