Nokia Messaging vs. Ovi Mail — What’s the Difference?

Using Email on Your Phone:
Nokia Messaging vs. Ovi Mail — What’s the Difference?

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We sometimes get posts on the support forums from people with questions about accessing email from their phones, and about using Ovi Mail. Some folks may be curious about the difference between their phone’s email client and Ovi Mail, or they may even be having trouble setting up mobile email. Don’t worry. This’ll clear all that up.

Ovi Mail on the Nokia E72

Three steps to get email on your phone.

Using email on your Nokia device is typically very straightforward. To get started, you’ll need to make sure you have three things:

1. An email-capable device.
Most Nokia devices are messaging enabled, that is, capable of giving you email and instant messaging on the go. To check what messaging services, such as email, instant messaging, and social networking, are available on your phone, go to and select your device and country.

2. Access to data services from your operator.
Because messaging services are offered in conjunction with your operator, you must use the operator’s data network, at least to sign up. Once you’re signed up, you can either continue using that data network or, depending on your device, you may be able to use Wi-Fi instead, when it’s available. In either case, you’ll still need to have a SIM card in your device. (It’s used to authorize your phone for services.)

Contact your operator directly to find out whether you already have subscribed to data services, or whether you need to sign up for them. Your operator will advise you on any additional charges associated with data access and email use from your phone. In some countries, you’ll be able to try data services on a trial basis through your operator. In that case, your operator will determine how long you can try the services for free, and what the charges will be to continue beyond the initial trial period.

3. An email account. Or ten.

The email client on your phone lets you access a variety of ISPs and ESPs, so you can get your email on the go. You can access email accounts you already have, like email accounts through Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, or your local provider. Or, you can sign up for an Ovi Mail account.

Ovi Mail is a free email account provided by Nokia (e.g., You can create your own Ovi Mail account from your Nokia mobile phone or from the web at Having an Ovi Mail account is like having any other free email account (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.) in that anyone can create an account and use it to send or receive email on the go or from a computer.

Whichever email accounts you’d like to access from your phone, the setup is the same. Simply enter your username and password for up to ten different accounts. Then you’ll be able to sign in to read or write email from those accounts—all from one application on your phone. (The actual email user interface may differ from these photo examples based on your device.)

That should do it. One, two, three steps and you’re good to go. Start checking email on your phone today! And remember, we’ve always got something new cooking here at Nokia. So stay tuned for more info on upcoming software and device releases!

— The Nokia Messaging Team

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