Nokia Messaging for Email – Winter 2010 Update Begins


We are rolling out an update for Nokia Messaging for Email over the next few weeks – the first piece being a client update for S60 5th edition devices. This update is available as “Nokia Messaging 10.2” in the Software Update application on your phone.

To answer what will likely be a popular question – “but, what about my device”, we are going to be rolling this client for S60 3rd edition on in the next few weeks and we will let you know when it’s available on this blog. We’ve also got some server-side features in the works that we’ll be discussing shortly. Nokia Messaging is truly a service: continually evolving and adding features.

Here are the highlights of the client release:

  • Localized in 38 languages
  • Support for Destinations on S60 5th edition devices
  • Improvements to on-device-setup wizard
  • Deleted items folder now automatically empties itself, faster client deletions
  • Various bug fixes

We’ve also heard many S60 5th edition users’ feedback about Destinations support, which we also added to this release. Using your devices’ Destinations feature, you simply add your preferred WiFi access points to the Internet Destination (or any other Destination that you configure), and Nokia Messaging will automatically switch to it when it’s available.

We also have made several improvements to the setup wizard, based on analysis of where users typically encounter errors during setup. Another area we’ve made improvements is in deletion handling – the ‘Deleted Items’ folder will now automatically clear emails older than three days that it previously kept, and deletions are snappier in the client in this release. Finally, we’ve fixed a few nagging bugs including restoring “Send with Nokia Messaging” from the Gallery, and you can now properly attach files from the N97’s memory card.

If you’re curious about version numbers – they’re admittedly a bit confusing. S60 5th edition will see 10.2.04 as the version number in the client. On Software Update on your device, this release will be identified as 10.2. We apologize for the confusion and are continually working on making things easier.

We truly care about your feedback and listen closely to the 7000+ fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as support questions on the forums linked from Please check out the site for answers to your questions and we encourage you to continue telling us what you like, what you don’t and what you want to see next. This is only the first of many exciting updates and development from Nokia Messaging in 2010.

Thanks for your support,

-The Nokia Messaging Team

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