Nokia Messaging for Email – More Winter 2010 Updates


We’re moving faster than we thought we would! We are pleased to announce a significant service change on Nokia Messaging for Email that we think many of you will appreciate. We’ll be rolling out a significant change to how we store emails coming directly out of your feedback.  You don’t need to do anything to get this update – we’re going to be rolling it out to all users by Wednesday.

Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Changes email storage for Inbox from ‘previous three days’ to ‘previous 100 emails’
  • Changes email storage for IMAP subfolders to 50 emails per subfolder

This change was largely driven by your requests coming from the support forums, blogs, emails, tweets and comments.

We received plenty of requests from our users that the “remove older than three days of email” setting was confusing. Now, Nokia Messaging for email stores the previous 100 email messages for every email account you use, along with 50 emails from each IMAP subfolder you’re subscribed to. We think this will make things significantly less confusing especially for your IMAP subfolders, which would hide themselves if you didn’t have any messages inside them in the previous 3 days.

To preempt one more question we always get when we do a Nokia Messaging for Email update: We do have something in the works specifically for N97 users in regards to memory usage. We have made small improvements in each release and will have more details on our continued improvement there in the coming months. We appreciate your feedback and your patience.

This release also includes a number of reliability, stability and setup improvements designed to improve your user experience. We are getting better and better but know we still have room to grow and improve.

You can get the most up-to-date clients by Wednesday (we will post when they’re available) at Some phones like the E75 and E72 have the integrated multiprotocol client and don’t require an update. The site will not give you a “Download” option if you don’t need one.

Thanks for your support,

-The Nokia Messaging Team

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