Nokia Got It Right, No Strings Attached…

The sense of freedom, the sense of mobility, the outstanding feeling of knowing you left nothing behind. The Nokia Booklet 3G, where do I start? , but first let me make a statement. The Nokia Booklet 3G is a ‘Netbook’ and not a laptop so treat it as such.

Design, Size, Weight, Screen are flawless. I couldn’t say anything else, because I was surely impressed on how much Nokia put thought into this device. Speed for me is just fine; some have complained about its RAM and processor, frankly I would tell them they have no idea about computer mechanics. There is something they haven’t noticed and people like me would pay top dollars for. That is the NO FAN option, finally can sit in bed and not disturb anyone with the whizzing sound of the cooling fan. Plus what more can you ask from a netbook, use it as it was design and supposed to be used so just plug in a 2GB Flash drive and use it as a ReadyBoost or have you totally forgot about that?. Coming back to the essential elements of this device, using the 3G gave me the ability to sit where and when ever I want. No Dongles, Bluetooth, or Cable connections required. Power on and connect, simply amazing feeling you’ve got knowing you can get what you want in no time. The Nokia Booklet 3G is such a good device that I know use it as my own corporate computer device. Called in IT and asked them to remove my bulky laptop back it up on the local network so I could access it on my booklet. My desk is so clean right now it’s not even funny. I put this device to the ultimate test on the first day of work, dropped my notebook pens and every manual item you can possibly take to a meeting. Fired up OneNote, held a 3 hour meeting took all the notes I needed on my Booklet, attached pictures from my N900 and I was the first one out of the door. Didn’t have to gather all my papers, put together my laptop disconnect my charger, and wind up all sorts of wires. The best part I even leave quicker, All I’ve got is my Booklet and I’m out, charger is at home.

Last but not least, and I know most of you want to hear some partially negative things about this device and I don’t blame you. Nothing is perfect, and yes for some the Nokia Booklet is not the perfect device. But I can highlight some things that can be on the list of improvements for the RX-80 probably. First I would love a touch screen integration, which would make things a lot faster for me. The keyboard keys to be backlit, would make a big difference in low light environments. The ‘Ctrl’ key to be on the very left instead of the ‘fn’ key. More Nokia related software built-in, to control the connectivity. Would love a remote viewer built-in so I could make calls with my device but talk and hear it through my booklet or my BH-504 connected to my booklet. Why bother all your customers with the SIM lock by AT&T, It’s very easy to crack save us the hassle and include a Nokia UI for the SIM connectivity.

Final review thought, if you’re looking for being connected ‘Full Internet As It Happens’ the Nokia Booklet 3G is the device for you. If you’re a laptop speed oriented and has 16 million applications and programs the Nokia Booklet 3G won’t do for you. If you’re a on the move business person, looking for agility and essential connectivity, the Nokia Booklet 3G serves every single part of that.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Źródło: Nokia Got It Right, No Strings Attached…

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