Kumquat to be named Xperia U?

We have been hearing a lot about ST25i Kumquat these days and details regarding this phone emerges each day. Now there is another reason to believe its existence in the Sony labs. The information is from the Indonesian Postel website (the site represents the Indonesian Telecoms Regulatory body). In the list, we see a mysterious entry ‘Sony Ericsson Xperia U ST25i‘. If it was before the official announcement of Xperia S that this news emerged, I wouldn’t have bothered to lend my eyes on this piece of information because no companies bother to name their product like this!

It’s funny but this is going to be real:

In the Shop:

Hey, I want an S.’

‘A what?!’

‘Yeah, S.’

‘Oh, I get it, What about U? It’s cheaper.’


‘Yeah U, the dual core thing with a downgraded camera. And we have more coming in a couple of months like the Q, R, T etc.

I don’t know how many more alphabets are reserved by Sony! The sales may be a tough job for Sony Ericsson but it seems the smartphone naming procedure is an extremely easy job!

source: xperiablog

Źródło: Kumquat to be named Xperia U?

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