Joining Sony’s “Smart Social Camera”…

A couple of weeks ago we shared a rundown of the four core Xperia Camera apps announced at IFA with Xperia Z1

Sony’s “Smart Social Camera” platform is built on open principles, and that gives us the chance to collaborate with fresh developer talent and established partners, to grow the experience by working together to create and optimise even more cool apps.

So, a few updates on that: first up, last week we were excited to announce the release of the Sony Add-on SDK 2.0 – as part of this, we’re making a new API available that developers can use to integrate camera apps into “Smart Social Camera”.

And secondly, we recently caught up with a few developers who’ve already optimised their apps (all currently available on Sony Select) for Xperia Z1’s “Smart Social Camera”.

Here’s what each of those had to say about the collaboration so far, along with a 6-sec demo of each after the link jump – enjoy.

Panorama – 360, Vineet Devaiah (Founder, TeliportMe)

“Working with Sony on the camera add-on module for their new Z1 series has been exciting and we are extremely bullish on its ability to improve the users life by manifold. The SDK integration was easy and smooth, the support team from Sony was also very prompt and helpful.”


Wikitude – Martin Herdina (CEO, Wikitude)  & Andy Gstoll (CMO, Wikitude)

Martin: “With the Z1, Sony is truly pushing the limits of what is possible with today’s mobile technology. The camera, processor, and display technology make for an amazing presentation. Sony has selected the best-in-class launch partners, and we take this as a strong vote of confidence in our technology platform, and we’re honored to be taking part”

Andy: “Here at Wikitude we are impressed how Sony has built the basis for a full camera-centred application and add-on ecosystem. This is a one-of-its-kind approach and  we are excited to integrate our award-winning Augmented Reality applications directly to the camera for easy customer access and the best possible user experience.”


V1 Sports, Chris Hart (CEO, V1 Sports)

“Convenience and speed is what a user wants when analyzing athletic motions for sporting actions, such as golf swing.  Sony Mobile has done a terrific job enabling V1 Sports motion analysis within the Xperia Z1′s camera app.

Brilliant foresight on Sony’s part to enable the ‘in camera’ app experience and discovery.”


Thanks to Vineet, Martin, Andy and Chris for their time.

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