Introducing our latest Sony Camera apps for Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact

As well as unveiling a brand new and improved range of Xperia devices we’re also releasing and updating a whole host of new, interactive, fun and user friendly camera apps to help you make the most out of the camera experience on your Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact.

Since we launched our Smart Social Camera apps range at last year’s IFA, including AR Effects, Info-eyeTM, Social live and Timeshift Burst, we’ve been working hard to consistently introduce new and exciting camera apps and other ways to edit and share content throughout the year, and the results are now here for all to see:

AR Fun

AR funWe’ve added a new, fun AR application we even more effects to keep you and your kids occupied during down time. In addition to the fun themes that bring your photos to life in the AR effect app, AR Fun now adds the ability to interact with the animation you draw or throw on the screen. Whether that’s throwing paint at your friends, doodling on the walls or using motion controls to guide a virtual spray can, the new AR Fun app lets you free your inner child to make a consequence-free mess.

Sound Photo

Sound Photo transports you back in time to the moment you took memorable photos by capturing a short burst of audio from the second before you take a photo until a few seconds afterwards. Remember what it was like on holiday when you took the photo that’s now your profile pic? You will if you use Sound Photo.


For when one angle just doesn’t tell the whole story, we’ve created Multi-camera. The app allows users to take photos and videos from various viewing angles simultaneously using other Wi-Fi-connected devices. Connect your Xperia to a QX lens, Sony Action Cam or up to two other Xperia smartphones and shoot / snap away with the original phone acting as a hub for all the connected devices.

Face In

face inSelfies are getting a whole new look with the new Face In camera app that lets users take photos using the front and back camera of Xperia Z3 series at the same time. Add your reaction to photos taken on that roller-coaster ride or use the front facing camera to recognize you and up to two friends to include in the beautiful scenery. Plus, you can choose from multiple settings for added flexibility in how you fit into the photo.

Movie Creator

Movie CreatorMovie Creator on Xperia Z2 allowed you to trim the beginning and end points of your video file so that you get straight to the action. The new Movie Creator app adds the ability to automatically create highlight reels from the images and videos stored in your album. The app automatically selects movies and videos from your collections and allows you to select one of five themes (each with a different visual feel) and one of five pre-loaded backing tracks. Then it splices the whole thing together to make an emotive highlight reel that you can share with friends or simply use to re-live your favourite moments.

We’ve got plenty more exciting apps in the pipe line, so keep an eye out on our blog and your camera menu!

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