From the #SonyMAE booth – a closer look at SmartWatch 2

Booth-goers at MAE have been getting hands on with SmartWatch 2 – so today, we’re bringing you a closer look at some of the cool features in our next-gen smartwatch… 


You know the drill… one Android smartphone / tablet (we’d recommend an Xperia), one SmartWatch 2 – one-touch. Touch again, SmartWatch 2 unpairs and works as a standalone watch (analogue or digital depending on your preferences, of course) you can even read previously received notifications, set your alarm or just simply answer a call. To make pairing for the first time easy, you will automatically be taken to the host app on Google Play, which lets you select the apps you want.


With over 200 (and growing) unique Sony SmartWatch apps, we’re already working with developers from across the spectrum to expand the experiences even further! As a quick example, SmartWatch 2 has the ability to work as a remote camera shutter – you’ll be able to remotely control your smartphone shutter button through the Viewfinder app. “Selfie” redefined…


The daily routine; washing up, walking / jogging in the pouring rain… no probs for SmartWatch 2… Check out the Vine

Sony Design language

Sharing some of Sony’s OmniBalance design characteristics (including our aluminium power button) with Xperia siblings, SmartWatch 2′s 1.6-inch touchscreen display, transflective LCD panel and screen resolution of 220×176 pixels is wrapped up in an aluminium body with a stainless steel wristband. We know people love to customise / accessorise these days, so we’ve made sure you can swap the wristband to any standard 24mm strap.

It’d be great to hear your first impressions of SmartWatch 2? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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