Four new ways to play, Sony’s news was pretty playful this week.

It’s all happening in the gaming world this week! All of you gamers will be pleased to hear PlayStation TV is on its way to the US and Canada as soon as next month, and don’t worry Europe, you’ll only have to wait one month longer ‘till PS TV wings its way to you. For those of you who are unfamiliar will PS TV, the set-top box will allow you to stream video and movies, play the 700 games available including Metal Gear Solid, Velocity Ultra, OlliOlli (and many more)… and stream your PS4 games to another TV in your home (pretty similar to what we announced recently with PS4 Remote Play on Xperia Z3).

But it’s not just PlayStation fans that have new tech to play with, there’s more fun for developers as we released the SDK for our SmartEyeglass project this week. The SmartEyeglass transparent lens eyewear is set to give developers the opportunity to start developing apps in the innovative field of in-view augmented reality. SmartEyeglass is packed with prototype features and we can’t wait to see what the community comes up with.

Open innovation is something we spend a lot of time championing and the SmartEyeGlass project wasn’t the only way we touched on that this week. Over in New York, Sony’s Computer Science Laboratory ran its first US Symposium at the Museum of Modern Art. There, researcher Yuichiro Takeushi unveiled a concept for “inception glasses,” that allow the viewer to virtually bend buildings much like in the Christopher Nolan film of the same name. Sounds complicated? It is. It’s also excellent. Head over to Digital Trends for the full scoop.

For those of you who prefer to be more active when it comes to gaming. Our Smart Tennis Sensor will be arriving in North America from January 2015, (it’s been available in Japan since May this year.) No matter what your tennis ability may be, Smart Tennis Sensor has been engineered to provide you with real-time shot visualisations that stream live to your Sony smartphone or tablet. We’ve hooked up with even more racket manufacturers including YONEX, Wilson, Prince and now, HEAD. Not to mention, the new sensor also displays recorded video and shot metrics instantly. Keep your eyes locked here for more news on the Smart Tennis Senor’s expansion to more regions and applications. You’ll be getting into the swing of things in no time. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

And finally… a playful take on the humble unboxing video as Xperia Z3 becomes the subject for the world’s first underwater unboxing. Enjoy!

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