Apple iPad & MicroSIM

Yes i know to most of you out there this information about the iPad using a MicroSIM is not new to you, but for most of you in the Middle-East hungry for an iPad in your hands; HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! Let me first say that 100% of all GSM operators in the world use the default SIM size. Now good old Steve has given a nudge to the telecom operators around the world.

Apple’s big reveal of 2010 was the glorious iPad, some have given their critical analysis of the device. I say the device will pick up like any Apple device in the market. Now the jolt that the mobile industry got was that the iPad uses a MicroSIM enable it to use 3G. Apple’s tie or (love/hate) relationship with AT&T gave it a heads up on orders of MicroSIMS to deliver its service to its customers in the US.

So what is the (MicroSIM) : The 3FF SIM card, or the micro SIM, is 52% smaller than a regular SIM card so instead of a 15 x 25mm card you get a 12 x 15mm one. It’s still a GSM SIM so it will work in most markets. Now I believe Apple’s attempt to lock the SIM during the iPhone launch days blew up in their face.

Last, This MicroSIM isn’t an industry stopper is it. Well no, most operators are going to offer a this MicroSIM as a bundle package with the iPad. I say why bother, request a twin SIM from your local operator, shave the new SIM with plastic or acrylic filer and your good to go. Haven’t tested it myself, I will surely let you know if it works as soon as my iPad lands.

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