Anu Kirk, Sony Entertainment Network, introduces Sony’s WALKMAN app update

Hello! I am Anu Kirk, Director of Music Unlimited for Sony Entertainment Network*. I’m excited to introduce the latest update** to Sony’s WALKMAN app, available from this week.

I have worked in digital media and music for a long time, and played music for even longer. I’m a hardcore music fan. Despite – or perhaps because of – my great love of music, sometimes I have a difficult time figuring out what I want to hear…

Whether staring at my vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes or scrolling through a list of MP3s or reading music blogs, it can be tough to decide. There’s nothing worse than staring at the search box, cursor blinking… you know there’s something great to be found, but the actual getting there can be too difficult.

Anu_KirkThe team here at Music Unlimited – all music fans and/or musicians – are working on solutions. We are working to build the kind of service that knows what you want, and brings it to you every day.

So, over the last months Sony Mobile and Music Unlimited have been working together to evolve the experience on Sony’s WALKMAN app, available on Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets.

This latest release is the result – some of the goodies include:

  • New “Smart Playlists”, which automatically update you with featured and recently played tunes from your listening history
  • Increased options for rearranging and editing playlists, which means it’s now a lot simpler to customise the track sequence you want
  • TrackID™ now talks to Music Unlimited, so you can start listening to the songs you’ve identified directly within WALKMAN app

And just in case you weren’t aware, Sony’s WALKMAN app also includes an option for high quality offline playback as well (just check under “Settings”!)

I can’t reveal too much about Music Unlimited’s plans for 2014, but I can say we’ll be expanding to more countries, adding support for more devices, and improving our core service’s performance. We may have a few surprises in store, too…

Please let me know your thoughts on Music Unlimited, Sony’s WALKMAN app, and anything and everything music in the comments below!


*Only available in certain markets

**WALKMAN” application’s update version is 7.15.A.0.0 – timing and availability may vary by market and/or carrier

Źródło: Anu Kirk, Sony Entertainment Network, introduces Sony’s WALKMAN app update

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