Android 2.3.4 now official, SE Xperia Pro “coming soon”

A few things to update you all on:

As we know, the 2.3.4 update that was promised in October has now started to roll out, though it is for generic world and nordic countries only. This is coming to the following Xperia devices:





We are also hearing that it has started to arrive on the Xperia Mini too, so we expect the Xperia Mini Pro and the Xperia Active to follow suit soon.

Sony Ericsson officially announced it a few days ago, and you can find out what kits are officially receiving the update reading it here.

More good news: Xperia Arc S, Xperia Neo V and Walkman Live are now on pre-order from Play.com, with quite close expected release dates. Again, more details here.

In fact, speaking of Play, it seems that the Xperia Active got delayed. We have had no details why, but anyway the new expected release date is now later today. You can find it on the Play website here

SE UK are now selling their own phones via the SE website, instead of using se-store.co.uk. Now this makes things easier to control from SE’s point of view, but it may raise a concern or two;

We all (should) know about the Xperia Pro being delayed until Q4 2011. Also, Xperia Pro (according to se-store) was due to be released in “late September”.

Now whats so worrying about that? Well, since se-store had the Xperia Pro on pre-order, and I would imagine people have placed an order for it, I saw on twitter the other day asking about what has happened to their order:

Now to me, that does not read very well, and does not answer the question. Pre-orders mean very little, but surely someone knows at SE what is happening with the Xperia Pro? On the SE website we are still seeing the “coming soon” on the Xperia Pro.

However, we do have some good news with the Xperia Pro; it appears that it is finally being introduced into the United Kingdom on 6th October. Another blog has already reported this, but to be honest I would rather report on somewhere that has a bit more of a better reputation. It current stands at £300 (all bar a penny) at Play.com. You can read more details here.

From Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog: http://blog.se-nse.n…ro-coming-soon/

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