2012 Xperia range uses CTIA standard for 3.5mm jack

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The 2012 Xperia smartphones (Xperia S, Xperia P, Xperia U) will use an entirely different headset standard compared to the older Xperia phones (2010/2011 models). It is really a disappointment that the 2011 Xperia phones don’t support most of the alien headsets. They used the OMTP standard for the 3.5mm jack which is not common.

The new 2012 Xperia models will have a 3.5mm jack that uses the CTIA standard and not the OMTP standard which was used earlier. The CTIA standard is more common and is the one adopted by Apple iOS devices. So, you can connect almost all the foreign headsets to your 2012 smartphone and enjoy your favourite music or movie.

The good thing is that you are welcomed to an arena of a variety of accessories for your Sony smart phone but then older headsets that can currently be used with 2011 Xperia devices will not be compatible with the new Xperia phones.

Source: Xperiablog

From Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog:…for-3-5mm-jack/

From Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog:…for-3-5mm-jack/

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